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The Democratic Republic of Congo

Links & Books

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Links & Books

Here are some links which I found interesting:

Why the Democratic Republic of Congo matters (Summary by the UN)

Democratic Republic of Congo Country Profile (updated in July 2004)

Democratic Republic of Congo Country Report (from October 2003)

The ICRC (Int'l Red Cross) in the Democratic Republic of Congo

An article of Amnesty International about rape victims in the DRC

An article of Amnesty International about the child soldiers in the DRC

OCHA Reliefweb for Information about Humanitarian Relief Society

MONUC, Mission d'Observation de l'ONU au Congo (UN Mission DRC)

Radio Okapi DRC (Radio Station by MONUC and Fondation Hirondelle) - News (in French, switchable to English) about the DRC

Dikembe Mutombo Foundation (of Congolese NBA All-Star Dikembe)

Information Fédération Congolaise de Football (FCF) - "Les Simbas"

"Where are you going, Manyoni?" A downloadable book for young readers

Welcome to the Congo Cookbook (Link to Recipes of DRC and Africa)

Here are some books which I found interesting:


Adam Hochschild: King Leopold's Ghost - A story of greed, terror and heroism in Colonial Africa, the story of King Leopold's ruin of the Belgian Congo, who must have been one of the wickedest men in history 


Joseph Conrad: Heart of Darkness - Regarded as one of the greatest novels in English literature, Seaman Marlow tells of his journey to the heart of the Belgian Congo in search of the elusive Mr Kurtz


Michela Wrong: In the Footsteps of Mr Kurtz - About the rise and fall of the charismatic dictator Mobutu Sese Seko, good reading about all these hard-to-believe things that happened during the Mobutu-regime


Hergé: Tintin au Congo (in French) - today I see this book very different as when I first read it almost thirty years ago as a child (...)


William Reno: Warlord Politics and African States - Focusing on the examples of Liberia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Zaire, about how African rulers hold on to power while severed from foreign aid and subjected to collapsing economies and disappearing bureaucracies


Ernesto "Che" Guevara: An African Dream - Che tells about his experiences in Congolese training camps, chronicles the challenge of spreading Cuban political ideology in the DRC


Sven Lindqvist: Exterminate all the Brutes - Its title is a line of "Heart of Darkness", a unique study of Europe's dark history in Africa (...with a brilliant opening line)


Robert B. Edgerton: The Troubled Heart of Africa: A History of the Congo - This book serves as a basic primer on how one of the world's most mineral-rich countries was turned into one of its greatest tragedies


Gérard Prunier: The Rwanda Crisis: History of a Genocide - About the Hutu - Tutsi-conflict that lead to to the civil war and the genocide in Rwanda during 1994 and the country's prospects in their aftermath which also started to get the DRC under Mobutu involved in the war.


Lynne Duke: Mandela, Mobutu, and Me: A Newswoman's African Journey - As the Washington Post's Johannesburg bureau chief from 1995 to 1999, she combines solid information and personal perspective to produce a powerful, readable chronicle.


Peter Scholl-Latour: Afrikanische Totenklage (in German) - A very interesting book by the German author and journalist who travelled a lot through Africa in the past 40 years, it includes breathtaking chapters about the DRC.


Marie Beatrice Umutesi: Surviving the Slaughter: The Ordeal of a Rwandan Refugee in Zaire - In this firsthand account she sheds light on "the other genocide" that targeted the Hutu refugees of Rwanda after the victory of the RPA in 1994

Blue Book, Turning

Gérard Prunier - From Genocide to Continental War: The Congo Conflict and the Crisis of Contemporary Africa, not yet published (June to September 2005)

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